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The Clarinet


The clarinet is a member of the woodwind family. Sound is produced by a vibrating single reed which is the same sound producing method as the saxophone. Other similarities to the saxophone make the clarinet a good starting instrument for students who may want to move to the saxophone later on.

Clarinets play a critical role in bands, symphony orchestras, jazz groups, marching bands and small instrumental groups. The styles that characterize the clarinet vary from a Mozart clarinet concerto to Dixieland clarinet. In both cases, the sound can be beautiful but the two styles sound completely different. The clarinet also works well as a solo instrument.


This instrument is for boy or girl, big or small! Mrs. Reeves teaches this class at both Butterfield Trail Middle School & Northridge Middle School.

Watch the video above to learn more about the Clarinet & CLICK the button below to sign up & get more information! You can also email Mrs. Reeves at for any questions you might have!

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