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The Flute


The flute is the smallest and highest pitched beginning band instrument. It is a member of the woodwind family even though it is made of metal and doesn’t use a reed to create the sound. In order to produce a tone on the flute, the player blows across the tone hole of the mouthpiece, allowing the air to split at the far edge of the hole. That creates a whistle sound. It uses the same principle as a whistle or blowing across a soda bottle. 

Flutes play a critical role in bands, symphony orchestras, marching bands and small instrumental groups.

This instrument is for boy or girl, big or small! Mrs. Konzelman teaches this class at both Butterfield Trail Middle School & Northridge Middle School.

Watch the video above to learn more about the Flute & CLICK the button below to sign up & get more information! You can also email Mrs. Konzelman at for any questions you might have!

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